Dive-in Backstrokes

I was catching up on the phone with my longtime friend, Jim Steen, the most successful collegiate coach ever. I was telling him about the World Championship of Texas 3-on-3 Swimming Tournament. I mentioned that our rules provide for dive-in backstrokes. “I love dive-in backstrokes,” Jim piped in with great excitement.

Well, I do too. I think they make so much sense.

Dive-in backstrokes have many advantages:

Meets go faster.

They are more fungible. And, with limited and expensive pool time, why should swimmers and coaches have to spend more time to learn and perfect a difficult upside down diving skill for a swimming event? From the dive, swimmers are kicking underwater, it’s not difficult to be on one’s back as one surfaces.

They are easier to judge for false starts.

They allow for Medley Relays to be swum in any order, which adds strategy and excitement to the event.

They make backstroke events more accessible and inclusive to novice swimmers and to older swimmers (who tend to lack flexibility in their spines.)

And, I think they are more fun.

Yes, you will get to dive-in off of the starting blocks for the backstroke events at the City Champs.

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