Going with the flow

I used to write practices only on a rare occasion. I’d know what I wanted to accomplish. I had a rough outline of how to do it. I usually had a main set in mind. Then, the practice would evolve as it played out. I let is speak to me. Watching the swimmers and seeing their times gave me feedback that I used to sculpt the medium.

For awhile now, I’ve been writing the complete practices. Easier to communicate it to the coaches who take the later practices, especially, if I don’t see whoever is coaching the noon practice.

I still make adjustments depending on how things play out. But Friday was a good reminder to me not to act as if the written practice is cast in stone.

Just as we were getting into the meat of the practice on Friday, a couple of guys asked if we could do relays. I said, “No.” They pushed off on the next repeat and I thought, “Why did I say no?”

We were just getting to a set of 75 sprints with active rest. What a great opportunity to do relays. We wouldn’t have as much active rest, but we could get all of the sprints in. And, they’d probably get after them better in relays.

So we swam 5 x 75 relays, picking teams playground style. (We had five in a lane.)

They got after it and had a blast. I was reminded (in a much broader sense) to go with the flow.

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