I swam in Lake Travis today

Oh, I’ve been playing around in the water and swimming around a little bit over the last week or two, but haven’t done much of anything in the lake for quite some time. The water has been too warm.

Yesterday, I did my training at Deep Eddy – as usual. Then, after heading home and doing some work, we headed out to the Lake, where we did some more business.

Around 5:00, I walked down and hopped in the water. The air was cooler than it has been, there was a nice breeze and the water was turning over some. Mind you, it wasn’t cool, but it seemed like I might could handle the water temperature enough to get a short, easy swim in this morning. And, I needed a rest day.

This morning I swam about 3,000 in the Lake. It’s still too warm. But, with a “cold front” due in tomorrow, who knows? Perhaps open water season will start out here for me sometime next week. It sure is beautiful out there. The water, though warm, was clear and the scenery magnificent.

Meanwhile, we finally got an Internet connection out at the Lake. Maybe I’ll be Blogging regularly again. We’ll see.

I need to be. There has been much to report on, but little time to do so, especially when I’m in Austin. And, our open water events start next week. Check back.

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