Shaving assistance and a doffing of my cap

The publicity/public relations gods have been smiling on us lately. We won a Best of Austin Award for the Deep Eddy Mile, I was interviewed for an article in the Daily Texan, Steven Munatones posted three pieces on our open water events in The Daily News of Open Water Swimming (,, and, and Austin Fit ran a kind cover story on me (obviously, I knew they were featuring me for being old, since they did a photo shoot, but I had no idea my picture was going to be on the cover of the magazine.)

For whatever reason, Ron Davis has seen to it that the Austin Fit Magazines got some extra distribution at City Pools and among swimmers. I got about 40 copies left on my doorstep by Ron. (I’m not sure what I’ll do with so many copies. Maybe I’ll wallpaper my bathroom with them. It might make it easier to shave.)

The kindness Ron showed to me is typical of Ron. He is one of the nicest, kindest, most generous people I know; whether it be painting the “J” rock; leaving things for the lifeguards; helping the homeless; donating flags, thermometers, long-handled dust pans, and flashlights; or handing out pictures and postcards of Deep Eddy and Barton Springs, among many other gifts; Ron is constantly out there doing something good for people and for the community.

Ron, my hat’s off to you.

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