Lake Travis Amusement Park

Looking out at the Lake, it was all white caps. The wind was blowing like crazy.

I went down to the water prepared to drag a kayak, but as I descended through the trees, I could feel that the wind was even stronger than I thought it was. No need to tow a kayak in order to be seen. No one was going to be stupid enough to take a boat out in this.

So, I slipped my belt w/buoy around my waste and hoped into the chop. It was amazing. The water temperature felt great and the lake was a natural amusement park. As I swam, I got tossed and turned, twisted, thrown in the air, pushed forward, and tugged back.

After swimming out to the buoy and back (about 8 minutes out and 6:30 back), Sandy joined me for another round trip (two laps). Then I was on my own again.

It was so much fun. I felt like a little kid in a candy store – or an amusement park – or maybe in a candy store in an amusement park, which I had all to myself. I was in heaven.

If we didn’t have a race coming up on Saturday (the Dam 5K), I probably would have stayed in the water all day.

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