Kenyon update

After winning 31, yes that’s right, 31 consecutive NCAA Division III Swimming National Championships, the Kenyon College men finished one point behind Denison this year.

Congratulations to Denison Coach, Gregg Parini, (former Kenyon swimmer and Div. III National Champion) and the Denison swimmers. They had to come from behind on the anchor leg of the last relay to nip Emory for 3rd place and enough points to win the National Championship.

For Kenyon, it must have been a heart breaker. (I know it was for some of my fellow alums from whom I’ve heard.)

Oh well, my friend Jim Steen, Kenyon’s super swimming coach, has long professed that he would love the challenge of winning Nationals after the streak was broken. Now he gets the chance.

Without taking anything away from Denison, as a swimmer, it’s hard to watch Kenyon’s phenomenal streak get broken by diving. Kenyon readily outscored Denison in swimming, but Denison crushed Kenyon in diving.

Why are diving and swimming lumped into the same event? They have nothing to do with each other. Is it because divers land in water? It makes about as much sense as lumping basketball and tennis into one game/match: they both are played on courts. How about wrestling and gymnastics? They both are performed on mats. Why is diving even labeled an aquatic sport. If divers landed in horse manure, would diving be an equestrian sport?

On a more uplifting note for Kenyon fans. Former Kenyon basketball player and current VCU basketball coach, Shaka Smart, has led the VCU Rams into the Final Four. I had been pulling for Butler throughout the tournament. Now? Well, go Rams.

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3 Responses to Kenyon update

  1. Kirby Luechauer says:

    I was signing up for the Money Box today and thought I would visit your blog. I appreciated your comments about Kenyon. My first reaction was “O, Rats”. It was just last year that I read they had run the streak to 31 years, the longest national championship winning streak of all collegiate sports. Congratulations, I didn’t know you went there.
    I had the opportunity to swim against them in 1977 while they were still swimming in the historic cold, dark and dank small natatorium while swimming with Miami University; The original Miami in Ohio, not the late comer in Fl.
    Just thought I would share the memory. Thanks for the post.


  2. keithbell says:

    The “greenhouse” may have been “cold, dark, and dank” and certainly was small, but it was classic. And, the Kenyon fans sure stuffed the place and cheered like crazy for the home team.

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