I found it strange

Here I was, all alone, swimming across the Lake Travis, towing a kayak, complete with a blow-up plastic guy sitting in the seat (wearing a USA Swimming tank top.) As I hit the shallow water (literally; well actually, it was the sandy bottom that I hit with my strokes), I could see the campers and fisherman that were close to where I was landing at Turkey Bend. I stood up in mid-shin-deep water. Some of the people on the shore were nearby and a lot of them were looking at me, but no one said a word to me.

Okay, they didn’t have to talk to me. And maybe it’s just the swimmer in me, but I couldn’t have imagined being on shore and not saying anything to someone who stopped to get a drink of water after each lap at my end. I found it strange.

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One Response to I found it strange

  1. Kim says:

    I hear ya, man! I’m a total chatter-box. No way I’d’a let you get away without comment! 😉

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