Dipping my toe in the water

With the Deep Eddy Mile tomorrow and four weeks with the only swimming I’ve done consisting of pulling with a pull buoy, I decided to test the waters. I swam (yes, “swam,” as with no pull buoy or other toys) an easy 600 today. (Well, that was my intent. As it turned out, it wasn’t that easy. My body position was all messed up and I was dragging at least one foot.)

I also did a one-footed dive. It turns out I was able leave the deck without pushing with the bad foot and it didn’t even hurt. On the other hand, when my foot hit the water, that hurt.

Now, if I’m only able to put my competitive drive on idle for the race, maybe I won’t set the healing process back weeks.

On the other hand, I’m determined not to use my broken foot as a crutch. – (Get it?)

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