One foot up on the competition

Actually, what I had one foot up on, during the Deep Eddy Mile, was the wall. I actually managed to swim the whole race without ever touching either wall with my right foot.

Of course, my one-footed pushoffs weren’t great, but my foot lives to fight another day. On the other hand (yes, that’s right, hand, not foot) though I didn’t kick much the whole race; especially with my right foot. I did kick way too hard the last two laps. That, I paid for. I don’t think I exacerbated the damage, but my foot sure hurt when I finished. Standing up after I climbed out of the pool wasn’t much fun.

Meanwhile, the Deep Eddy Mile was. It was great fun and a great day. What a wonderful group of swimmers, volunteers, staff, and helpers. Though the Deep Eddy Mile has always been a really unique atmosphere with everyone getting after the swim, cheering each other on, enjoying each others company, and helping each other out with timing and counting; this, the tenth annual, might very well have been the best yet. And, of course, how can you go wrong spending your morning at Deep Eddy?

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