Postgame wishes

I caught some of the tv coverage of the FINA World Championships yesterday. I liked watching the swimming, but didn’t enjoy the interviews. I hate the way the media covers the interviews when the US gets beat. For that matter, although the media sets the stage for it, I don’t much care for the way our athletes handle it either.

Of course, the tv interviews following the Women’s Soccer World Cup Finals was worse.

I tried to watch the Men’s Soccer World Cup a couple of times, but gave up. I hated it. Far too many dives and fouls for my taste. If I wanted to watch actors instead of athletes, I’d check out a good movie or a play.

As a result, there’s no way I would have watched the Women’s World Cup Soccer Final except I was stuck sitting around with my broken foot raised up when it aired. It was a great game. The women on both sides were skilled, played well, and fair. There didn’t seem to be any dives, there weren’t hardly any fouls, and it was refereed well. It was a close, exciting game.

I think the Japanese coach won the game when, after two scoreless overtimes, while they were readying for the penalty kicks to decide the game, he joined his huddling players with a big smile on his face and some lighthearted talk and laughter, while the US coaches seemed to stand around worrying with their athletes. It was clear who was enjoying the chase and who was worrying about the outcome. Shortly after the Japanese coach entered the team huddle, I turned to Sandy and told her the Japanese just won.

Following the Japanese victory (not the US defeat), the interviewers hit the US Women with questions and accompanying tone that said, “You must be devastated. What’s that like?” The US Women replied accordingly.

The interviewers and our swimmers’ responses were not quite as bad as the soccer postgame voyeurism, but I still yearn to hear one of our defeated athletes say, “I really wanted to win. But man, that was a fun race (game). They swam (played) great, didn’t they?”

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