3-on-3 in more than 13,000 words

Once again, the World Championship of Texas 3-on-3 Swimming Tournament was awesome. It was humongous fun.

The event raised more than $1500 for Colin’s Hope to fund swimming lessons for at risk kids through Project Safe.

Championship game

Couldn't do it without our sponsors, especially The Money Box


Father, Mark (nice tee), and son, Harrison, played on different teams. Their teams drew each other for one game. They went head-to-head on one play.

Chris's family didn't swim, but they were there to cheer him on.

World Champions of Texas: Chris, Jeremy, and Keith

Team colors

As many as 5 games were played simultaneously

Father (Lou) and sons (Jack) and Chris (not shown here) played on the same team

Evelyn (in the middle) teamed up with a brother and sister combo (Lisa and Steve) to grab second place

The oldest team and the youngest team drew each other. Here we are before our game. As you can see, we both fielded strong teams.

Austin 3 60s: me, Ernie and Rick (left to right)

Discussing strategy away from the other teams

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