Finally Swimming in Lake Travis Again

Now that the water is up a little where I swim in Lake Travis, I've been eagerly waiting for the water to get warm enough for me to swim there. On Sunday, I thought I'd check the temperature to see if it was a go. Sure enough the water temperature read 64 degrees and I jumped in.

I had already swum 3 miles at Barton Springs that morning, but put in another 1200-1600 worth in the Lake. It was wonderful to swim there again. The water was cold, but felt good. And, although I'd much rather the Lake was full, it was gorgeous out there.

Yesterday, I was back to Barton Springs, where I swam about 4000 yds, knowing I was heading back out to the lake and would swim again. By the time I got out there in the late afternoon, the wind came up a little and was starting to turn the water over some. Sure enough, the water temperature had dropped to about 62. It stung my face a tiny bit when I got in, but I put about a mile in and it was fine.

This morning it was very windy at the lake. As a result, even though it didn't get very cold out last night, the lake temperature had dropped to 60 degrees when I got in. Nevertheless, I still had a wonderful swim. I was in for about an hour and 25 minutes or so. And, it was amazing.

The recent rains we had turned most everything green. The low water is sad. It's still too shallow for most boating, but kayaking is fine, as is swimming. And, though I enjoy boating, I like not having to worry about boats while I swim.

The low water creates curves in the lake that aren't there when it is full. The scenery is unbelievably beautiful. I feel like I'm swimming in a canyon and exploring new worlds; a super plus to the joy of having enough water to swim again.



I thought you might enjoy the view. Did you?

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