Cold and windy

The Lake is way up. It’s still way down (only forty something percent full), but compared to where it was, it’s wonderful. It’s considerably deeper than it was a few days ago, plenty deep enough to swim. Need I say more?

After the rain, and with the flood gates open at Starke and Wurst Dams, the lake was flowing swiftly, pretty murky, and carrying much debris rushing downstream. By late yesterday, I thought it was safe to jump in and swim. So I did. It was a bit murky, but it was nice.

Today, the water is much clearer (and much colder than it was right before the rain storm, back to around 61. The wind was blowing pretty hard, which made the water extremely choppy.

I hopped in and swam downstream, with the wind. In the more open parts of the course, I got thrown around, swirled, twirled, and tugged upon. On the way back, it was much choppier and, of course, I was swimming into the wind and against the current. It was tough. Man, it was fun!

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