Unless you follow some local public access channels, you may not have noticed, but Austin’s Mayor, Lee Leffingwell proclaimed May 5 to be The Money Box Cap 2k Open Water Race and Pledge Swim day in Austin. This action was supported by Councilwoman Laura Morrison, for which we are truly grateful, and, since Laura was not feeling well on Thursday, was read by Councilwoman Kathie Tovo. Among other things, the proclamation requests that anyone out on the hike and bike trail on May 5 wear blue to support our fight against prostate cancer. Please do. Better yet, please swim and swim for pledges.

As a bonus for Sandy and I, the first proclamation that day was to honor Bobbie Whitlock, who wrote, and much to my delight, played Thorn Tree in the Garden for everyone there, one of my favorites from the Layla album by Derek and the Dominoes. We are trying to get Bobby Whitlock to play at The Money Box Cap 2k. Stay tuned.

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