Seeking a few good women volunteers

The plan is to swim 64 x 100s on the 1:30 tomorrow at Deep Eddy Pool starting at 7:30 am.

I expect the swim will be more difficulty than usual this year. I’ve added another 100. I’m getting older. And, Deep Eddy has been way warmer than ever before. (The cool water of yesteryears always helped me.)

It’s supposed to be about 100 degrees tomorrow. That won’t help either. And then, there’s the hot sun.

I’d like a few bikini-clad, attractive, upbeat, female volunteers to enlist (no, not in the marines) to camp out at each end of the pool at my lane to hold umbrellas to provide me with some shade between send-offs.

I haven’t even blown out the candles yet, but . . .

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