All’s not well with the wells

I swam at Deep Eddy Pool this morning. There’s nothing unusual about that. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve swum there more than anyone else ever has, though I have to be up there; but I feel pretty confident that I’ve put in more yardage there than has anyone else.

What is unusual, is that I swam at Deep Eddy Pool today and I miss swimming at Deep Eddy Pool. I miss it terribly.

Deep Eddy Pool used to be almost heaven for me. But now, the water is way too warm. It’s mostly green and often filled with silt. (A few times this year, they had to close the pool because it was so dirty the guards couldn’t see the bottom. Or, was it because the women all grew silt beards and moustaches.) It fills too slowly, which has led to routinely delayed openings. And, in spite of all that, it’s been much too crowded.

At least the deck is tremendously more slippery than before they redid it. And, they’ve banned diving in 8 foot deep water.

Man, I miss Deep Eddy.

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