“Wouldn’t it be nice?”

Obviously, I haven’t been posting for awhile again, even though there has been much to write about. ASA events have been amazing:
1. Another laid back, fun, Deep Eddy Mile
2. Close races throughout the World Championship of Texas 3-on-3 Tournament – and lots of rain and even more fun.
3. ASA Open Water Swimming Collegiate National Champs continues to grow and go great. The college kids had a blast.
4. A wonderful Lake Travis Relay, which included a close race with many lead exchanges for almost the entire 12 miles for the top two teams.
5. The 6th Annual Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge begins next Wednesday, October 24th and goes through the 28th.

Nevertheless, I want to write about baseball today. I can’t get Jeff Nelson’s wrong call at 2nd base in the 1st ALCS Yankees v. Tigers game. Replays clearly show Infante was tagged out prior to putting his hand on the bag. Nelson admitted he got the call wrong.

As a result, the media is spending much time talking about an increased use of video replay to review more calls. No one is suggesting what I keep wondering about: what would have happened if Infante told the umpire he was tagged before he touched the bag and should have been called out. After the game, Infante admitted he was out.

Could the umpire have reversed his call if Infante immediately told the ump he was out? Golf is expected to be played with integrity. Its players are expected (and often do) self-report infractions. ASA has an Integrity Rule and a Self-disqualification Rule. Baseball should be played with integrity as well. Right. Good luck, Keith. But . . . to quote Brian Wilson: “wouldn’t it be nice??

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