Reflecting on FINA World Championships

I enjoyed watching some great swimming from the FINA World Championships. But, I still struggle with what I think about the whole thing. I marvel at how big, powerful, and well-trained are most of these world-class swimmers, but I must confess, I’m not convinced there isn’t a lot of PED use that’s been going on. And, I’m appalled that some have been caught and let back into the sport.

I’m equally (or maybe more) appalled that FINA and the IOC let Cameron van der Burg compete. He should have been banned for life and made to forfeit his Olympic Gold Medal after, not only admitting, but bragging that he cheated in the Olympic Final. It seems to me there are rules in place for sanctioning those who bring so much disrepute to the sport. In fact, the Code of Conduct in the FINA Bylaws exists in part, “to sanction incidents, which damage the image of FINA activities or bing them into disrepute.” These sanctions can include suspension or expulsion.

Which holds FINA up to ridicule and brings greater disrepute to FINA activities: bragging about winning Olympic Gold by intentionally cheating (supposedly because others were likely to cheat) or FINA doing nothing about it?

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