Looking at powerless mornings or I need my strength

Sandy, as well as all other U.S. Olympians, received an offer in the mail for a deeply discounted, Hilton Suite Dreams Plush Mattress made by Serta. It just so happens that we need a new bed. But, we weren’t interested in buying a bed sight unseen, especially since it was non-returnable. So we went to the downtown Hilton to get a look at/feel for one.

Unfortunately, the women manning (womanning?) the front desk, had no idea what we were talking about when we asked to see a Hilton Suite Dreams Plush Mattress. Sandy showed her the letter with the offer, but the woman behind the desk had no idea whether that Hilton carried that kind of bed. Nevertheless, she called someone to show us a room where we could see a bed, but was expressly uncertain whether it would be the right bed.

It wasn’t. So, we went back down to the front desk to see if we could track one down, or, at least, track down another Hilton that carried the model at issue.

The personnel on duty were extremely friendly and helpful in trying to track one down, but even after perusing both the Hilton website and the Serta website; no one could find a line of Hilton Suite Dreams Plush beds.

Finally, the women, who showed us the room, thought she found it but it was called by a different name. “It’s Kryptonite,” she exclaimed. To which I immediately announced, “I can’t do that.”

Stay tuned.

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