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Looking at powerless mornings or I need my strength

Sandy, as well as all other U.S. Olympians, received an offer in the mail for a deeply discounted, Hilton Suite Dreams Plush Mattress made by Serta. It just so happens that we need a new bed. But, we weren’t interested … Continue reading

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What about the future?

Okay, every competitive swimmer wants to swim faster, but do we really want to go faster through technology or through technique, stamina, power, strategy, and psychology? Records used to be meaningful. Then, they became laughable (at least to most outside … Continue reading

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Here we go again.

And some of you thought swimming could go back to being swimming. Now, Speedo has introduced a package, made up of their products, which they claim when worn together (read: you have to buy all three to get the desired … Continue reading

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Guaranteed to yield world records

Ah, equipment. The suits have been banned (sort of). Now we have new, improved starting blocks. Aren’t the new track-like starting blocks wonderful? I love it when we reduce the swimming in competitive swimming. Of course, I can see where … Continue reading

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Cool suits

Right now the water in Lake Travis is too hot for swimming. And, it’s only going to get hotter. There are wetsuits to keep swimmers warm in cold warmer, but no suits, of which I am aware, to keep swimmers … Continue reading

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Winning Isn’t Normal

I’m excited that my Winning Isn’t Normal posters are now available for sale at There is a Swimming one and a Lacrosse one available now. We hope to have Winning Isn’t Normal posters for just about every sport available … Continue reading

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