Bridger sent gave me this link to a video on Dana Vollmer’s butterfly.    It’s cool.

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8 opinions and a quiz

Some thoughts on the Olympic swimming.

1. Wow!

2. The U.S. women were awesome. Watching (and hearing from) Dana Vollmer, Rebecca Soni, Missy Franklin, and Allison Schmitt was a joy (as if you didn’t already know that), as was their joy. What great models! And Katie Ledecky. Man! I was so excited watching her swim, I was yelling at the TV.

3. The U.S. men weren’t bad either. Nathan Adrian swam great, rejoiced wonderfully and said the right things. I loved Brendan Hansen’s reaction to his third place finish and his comment about the shiniest bronze medal ever. How could you not like Matt Grevers’, Nick Thoman’s, and Tyler Clary’s swims and their thrill? I really like Thoman’s comment about concentrating on keeping his hips high the last lap. And Phelps, who didn’t look healthy to me the first couple of days, well, what can you say about his performances, which were up there with the greatest ever, except, of course, for those of Michael Phelps in 2008? And, as a bonus, he handled his interviews better than ever before.

3. I loved watching Shaune and Brett Frasier of the Cayman Islands (both of whom were NCAA Champions at Florida) swim in the same seeded heat.

4. What a great 100 breaststroke from Cameron Van der Burgh.

5. I love watching Sun Yang and Park Tae-hwan swim. Their strokes are amazing.

6. I hate thinking about who is clean and who isn’t/wasn’t. But I do.

7. I sure would’ve liked NBC to have informed us viewers, one way or another, as to who was swimming what leg of the relays for all of the teams. Yes, even the ones that represented other countries beside the U.S.

8. Bartolo Consolo, Vice Chairman of FINA, once wrote to me in regard to my intent for ASA to sanction world records in short course yards, that he thought it would confuse the general public as to who the real world record holders are. I wrote back telling him, among other things, that it couldn’t possibly be more confusing to the general public than much of what FINA does (like, for example, certifying masters age world records for swimmers who swam slower, in the same heats, than others in their same age groups.) So, one more time: what could be more confusing, while diminishing the value of Olympic Medals, than to give Olympic medals to scores of relay swimmers who didn’t perform well enough to make the finals, let alone place in the top 3? How many relay medals were awarded to U.S. relay swimmers? Did anyone else notice, for example, that the U.S. swimmers who swam the prelims in the men’s 4 x 100 medley really (4 great swimmers, who swam extremely well) not only didn’t swim fast enough to place in the top 3 (their time would have placed 5th), but none of them swam fast enough to make their countries relay team for the final? Yet, while the Japanese and Australian swimmers who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the finals, got silver and bronze medals, the U.S. prelim swimmers, who didn’t swim fast enough to make their counties team for the finals or fast enough to win, place, or show, received Gold Medals. What’s wrong with this picture? This is an incredibly stupid policy and one that cheapens Olympic medals.

That’s some of what has been floating around in my brain today about the Olympics. Maybe more tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s an Olympic quiz: Who was the last U.S. woman to finish first in the 100 meter freestyle in the Olympics and when was it done?

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Even warmer

Someone told me today that the water in Lady Bird Lake was 76 degrees yesterday. Wow! That’s warm for this time of year. It may be 80 by May 5. Leave your wetsuit at home. Better yet, throw it away.

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Saintly Bounty

Can someone please tell me why there are no criminal charges being filed regarding the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal? Isn’t it illegal to pay/get payed for hurting people? Except that it was much more widespread, how is this different than Nancy Kerrigan/Tanya Harding?

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Heating up

The Highland Lakes are warming up fast; too fast for me. While the LCRA reports that the water temperature was 72 degrees this morning at the surface of Lake Travis near Mansfield Dam, it’s much warmer at the upper end of Lake Travis. It looks as though it will be too hot for me to swim there soon.

With all the warm weather we’ve had and have been getting lately, I’m pretty sure we will hit our highest water temperature for The Money Box Cap 2k this year. I’m guessing it will be in the mid 70s. Too warm for me, but probably wonderful for most of the entrants.

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Unless you follow some local public access channels, you may not have noticed, but Austin’s Mayor, Lee Leffingwell proclaimed May 5 to be The Money Box Cap 2k Open Water Race and Pledge Swim day in Austin. This action was supported by Councilwoman Laura Morrison, for which we are truly grateful, and, since Laura was not feeling well on Thursday, was read by Councilwoman Kathie Tovo. Among other things, the proclamation requests that anyone out on the hike and bike trail on May 5 wear blue to support our fight against prostate cancer. Please do. Better yet, please swim and swim for pledges.

As a bonus for Sandy and I, the first proclamation that day was to honor Bobbie Whitlock, who wrote, and much to my delight, played Thorn Tree in the Garden for everyone there, one of my favorites from the Layla album by Derek and the Dominoes. We are trying to get Bobby Whitlock to play at The Money Box Cap 2k. Stay tuned.

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Who says Division 3 Can’t Compete?

Kenyon’s Zach Turk went 19.38 to break his own NCAA Div. III national record in last week’s National Championships. His time would have placed 3rd in the Division I Nationals.

Kenyon was without Turk, their best swimmer, who was studying abroad last year when they had their streak of 31 consecutive national championships broken by Denison by 1 pt.

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